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Pig Nursery

Swine Training – Nursery Pig Care

Jozzy Farm

Focusing on these animal welfare basics is critical to getting newly weaned piglets off to a strong start. Weaning and the transition to the early nursery stage are the most challenging times for piglets. Minimizing stress during those first few weeks away from mom will improve a piglet’s odds of staying healthy.

“Animal welfare involves more than how animals are treated or handled,” she explains. “It includes their health, environment and the biosecurity measures taken to prevent disease.” The digestive physiology of baby pigs changes rapidly from three to 10 weeks of age. Early-weaned pigs should be fed several different diets during this period in order to give the pigs the nutrients they can utilize to grow and thrive. Nursery nutrition is much simpler if weaning is postponed until after five weeks of age.